We Can Win At Anything We Want

Society always praises winners. Winning is something that even the least competitive people strive for. It’s a word that has a positive meaning. “Winners never quit and quitters never win” has a lot to say about how winners have a specific mentality when it comes to literally anything in life.

Why you should strive to win?

Victory tastes sweet. There’s a very special feeling associated with winning, as the harder the win is, the sweeter the taste of victory is. You not only just start feeling better about yourself, but you also feel more confident in performing that task. Your level of morale boosts up and your desire to win becomes greater than the fear of losing.

So, you are probably wondering how you can start winning. Let’s look into that:

How do I start winning?

There are certain things you can do and a certain mindset you can make in order to start winning at everything in life. Let’s take a look at some of those:

Set up goals

Consider a scenario where you are in a race but you don’t know where the finishing line is, would you be able to win? No, you will never. The same is the case in life, you need specific targets to know exactly the direction you are heading in and where the finishing line is. Start by learning to work towards a specific rather than working aimlessly.

Learn to take responsibility for your actions

You can never get ahead in life by not keeping yourself accountable for the things you do or blaming others for your mistakes. Winners don’t make excuses, and they are self-aware enough to know when they are making a mistake. They understand that it is their own decisions and choices that will make them go ahead in life.

Make a winning mindset

Easier said than done, right? But that’s exactly what you have to do, make a habit of winning, and habits are hard to develop. You need to start looking at things from a different perspective, you have to look at them as challenges. Try to challenge yourself daily, step out of your comfort zone, and make a habit of doing something you haven’t done before.

Don’t be afraid of failure

You shouldn’t be afraid to fail at things, rather learn to accept your failures as a lesson. Don’t ever let failing demotivate you or sideline you from the track. Make the best out of the situation and learn to use failure as a guide to help you win next time.

Be eager to learn every day

You should try to learn something new every day. Meet new people, read a book, take yourself on a trip alone, or just do something different. Because when it comes to winning, having more knowledge is basically power, and doing new things on a regular basis takes the fear away from you of failing at things in life.

The current pandemic has made many people feel like this year has been a failure. I don’t blame them — the effects of the coronavirus have been catastrophic to many people. Even though you have been forced to limit social gatherings on the weekends, cut out commuting to and from work (so fun), and just be restricted in what you can and cannot do, there is a silver lining. We can adopt a winning mindset and achieve anything we want to.



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Hinesh Padhiar

Hinesh Padhiar

My goal is to provide you with tools, hope, and encouragement by detailing my experiences and lessons learned as a young ambitious adult. Posting 2x a month!